MMT Technologies solutions

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Space Buzzer – 2015

Space Buzzer is my first device ever created. Its main goal is to entertain the user. LCD screen, colourful buzzers and sound effects make this product indispensable in every game.

Multi Room – 2016

Independent lighting system, which combines reflectors and intelligent moving heads. Both controlled using the DMX512 standard. In addition, WS2812B RGB LEDs has been mounted on the walls. The project also focused on creating a custom backlight LED driver. 

Virtual Quiz – 2017

Powerful and easy to use wireless quiz system. Its main purpose is to enrich group entertainment. The combination of ergonomic and handy VirtualQuiz controller with a reliable PC software opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

Presentation Video

Virtual Casino – 2020

Powerful and easy to use device allowing for an entertaining competition against the dealer in a popular BLACKJACK game, and much more! The system provides an exceptional game experience for up to 3 players and is constantly being developed!

Presentation Video [POL]

Celine Clock – 2021

An intelligent digital clock based on a set of intelligent RGB LEDs. It embeds a set of powerful features, making it functional in any environment!